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Faculty of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering | HTWK

While our contemporary business world highly values well educated individuals equipped with a sound knowledge of specific business areas, those seeking a career in business should also have a deep understanding of how their specializations collectively contribute to the overall functioning of organizations. Within its degree programs, the Faculty of Business Administration educates students in order to acquire the ability to integrate the fundamental elements of business together with specialized functional knowledge. This educational concept allows successful graduates to make a real contribution to their chosen career paths.

The faculty currently offers undergraduate Bachelor programs in Business Administration, International Management, and Civil Engineering and Business Administration. Furthermore, the faculty also offers graduate Master programs in Business Administration, Civil Engineering and Business Administration and General Management.

Course programs are organized in a flexible way with teaching predominantly taking place in small groups. Professors teach theory as well as the application of subjects in business and management situations. Students are challenged to think analytically and to translate abstract knowledge into specific solutions for contemporary management problems. Regular courses are complemented by several guest lecturers from organizations and companies, thus providing a unique learning experience linking classroom studies and practical contact with the business world. All course programs include a practical internship semester.

To support the international dimension of its academic education, the faculty enjoys strong partnerships with universities in many European and non-European countries. Thereby, students are given the chance to spend a study period, as well as their practical internship, abroad.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) ensures mutual recognition of study achievements, another important stimulus for student mobility. Furthermore, professors from partner universities are invited to speak on topics of common interest thus strengthening ties across and beyond Europe making for a truly international overview.

The wide range of modules offered at the faculty locate the faculty locally and reflect Leipzig's economic traditions, particularly with reference to courses in commerce and trade fairs as well as in banking. Indeed, trade fair management, in combination with marketing, is a very popular subject for students at the faculty.

In addition to the theoretical and business specific modules described, the development of key skills such as IT and communication skills as well as foreign languages constitute an important part of all the programs, further ensuring good employment prospects for successful graduates. It is no surprise therefore, that the faculty has a consistently high rate of graduates with excellent employment track records.

Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Andreas Piel
+49 341 3076-6538