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Research and Projects | Faculty of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering

The research activities of the Faculty of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering are concentrated on economic issues with regard to management practice and national economy, as well as to interdisciplinary topics offering interfaces to other disciplines such as law and information technology. Research is focused on applicability, efficiency and flexibility.
Research activities of the faculty – in particular in the field of entrepreneurship – are linked to the University of Leipzig ↗ and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). ↗ Simultaneously, intensified international cooperation and networking of the faculty generate a visible internationalization of research subjects and cooperation partners.

Areas of Research

Prof. Dr. Thomas Amling, MBA
Internal Auditing | Strategic Management | Leadership | International Management

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Manger-Nestler, LL.M.
European and International Business and Economic Law | International and European prudential supervision | regulatory control and structures of public sectors | especially financial markets | energy markets and telecommunication markets | Monetary Law

Prof. Dr. Barbara Mikus
Optimization of Logistics and Production Processes in Supply Chains | Production Controlling | Economic Analysis of a Logistics System for a Blood Bank guaranteeing collection | management and distribution of Stem Cells

Prof. Dr. Holger Müller (Marketing)
Consumer Research: Anomalies in Consumer Behaviour | Pricing Research: Measuring Consumers' Willingsness to Pay | Industry Analysis: Markets and Economic Agents

Prof. Dr. Andreas Piel
Balance and Taxation at Enterprise of the Real Estate Economy | International Accounting at small and medium-sized Enterprises and rearrangement of Accounting with small and medium-sized Enterprises on International Standards

Prof. Dr. Harald Simons
Housing Market and Housing Policy | Demography | Regional Economy | Social Security Systems

Prof. Dr. Bodo Sturm
Environmental Economics, in particular Climate Policy | Experimental Economics

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Ulrich
Potential of sustained economic activity in Central Germany | Infrastructures of regional value added Chains | Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Frank van Look
Business Law (internal and external) | Labor Law | Compliance Management

Prof. Dr. Uwe Vielmeyer
IFRS Accounting | Impact of accounting systems and regulation on information efficiency | Non-linear system dynamics

Prof. Dr. Peter M. Wald
Management and Leadership Instruments in Nonprofit Organizations | Change and reorganization measures in service departments - like HR | Current issues of indirect leadership

Prof. Dr. habil. Rüdiger Wink
Innovation management and economics | Economic geography | Regional and environmental economics